Purchasing products from Far East suppliers is often a reason of apprehension due to quality issue and the uncertain lead time.
The presence of our staff on site is intended to overcome these problems.
A necessary condition to avoid unexpected issue is to use a clear communication between the parties in order to precisely identify the requirements.
Once fixed the quality and specific characteristics we will find a manufacturer able to meet customer requirements.
We will undertake an initial screening to have a shortlist of 3-4 suitable suppliers; then we will proceed with a spot audit to get to the final choice.
For this producer will be assigned the project or lot; during production and at the end of the cycle we will carry out the inspections with the appropriate equipment for monitoring compliance with the quality requirements and to monitor the work in progress (Gantt chart).
A defect-free product and on-time delivery are the necessary conditions to operate in a global and competitive market; only in this way we can ensure profitability to our customers.

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